Play with Something New

So I’ve done denim jeans and a chambray denim top before, but I’ve never done a chambray denim top with a denim jean jacket. So I guess there’s no better timing to try something new then the start of the new year!

Also something new I’ve been trying is the monogram. I’m usually not a fan of having my things monogrammed, however I did get my Gigi Uber Clutch monogrammed and I’m wearing a “J” necklace here..(is it for Julie or Joy..if only you knew..) Remember in elementary school when you had your name keychain and wore a beaded necklace sporting your name on it?! The “Carrie” necklace may just be the next big thing..

It’s a new year so play with something new!


Because It’s Sweater Weather

Sweater (Kerisma); Scarf (Forever 21); Sunglasses (Claire’s); Necklace (Sylvia Benson Crawford Bar)

Well it’s finally full force of fall weather in the QC and you know what that means..sweater weather!! Cliché I know. If I could live somewhere where it was fall all year round I would definitely move there and I don’t think I’d be alone. Everything is just so much prettier in the fall with all the different color leaves. Fall weather also gives you the excuse to layer and wear scarfs.. who doesn’t have a billion scarfs they’ve been waiting to wear all year?!. One thing I could do without is how it gets dark sooo bueno.

What’s your favorite thing about fall?!

Four Shoes that Describe You

I just posted a picture on instagram of my favorite shoes I have.  Then I thought about it, and was like hmm these shoes sort of describe my personality.  As weird as it seems, a persons collection of shoes can really tell a lot about a person.  Especially for men, if they have a nice pair of white athletic shoes and brown dress shoes 😉

So if you were asked “Which four pairs of shoes do you own that describe you best”  without even thinking about it what would your answer be?

1. My running shoes- I’ve played soccer my whole life and working out to me is important. Yessss I do loooove running (we run for fun), however I enjoy anything athletic or outdoorsy- hiking, tennis, biking (attempting to mountain bike). Really anything besides softball.  I tend to always get hit in the face with the ball :/ I know these shoes are a bit loud and super bright but it’s really only because they make my legs look tanner.


2. My white high top chucks.  There’s nothing more comfy than wearing shorts, a little tank, and my white chucks in the summer time.  My chucks are my go to if I’m traveling and know I’ll be walking a lot.  The chucks are just so laid back, casual, and fun.


3. My Regina Frye Booties-  I loooove a little short bootie in the fall time and even in the summer time with some shorts.  However, these all black booties are just so rocker chic and I’m obsessed with the pointy toe-and check out that little braided detail at the top 😉 They are  the perfect height and the chunky heel makes them comfortable when standing on my feet all day.  Annnnd they still make that clicking sound of a heel..because we all know there’s nothing better than that sound!


-Something I just learned on how to dress up a boot.  If you have a solid color boot, you can take a thin belt and wrap it around the top to give it a little ‘edge’.

4. My Zara Heels- For a night out I need a heel.  To me, a going out night outfit is not complete unless it has a heel.  I’m obsessed with these because they are sexy with all the cut-outs. They are fun with the red and orange ombre color.  And since they are so colorful, they add some color to my outfits if I’m wearing all black-which I unintentionally always end up wearing.


Your turn 😉


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That’s So Cliche

Just wanted to post a few pictures that would summarize the trip!  Most of the sights we saw are the typical things a tourist would visit…how cliché of me. And yes I would go back in a heartbeat…I’d just have to make sure to bring my green blanket with me.

Yes I’d Like Some Tea and Crumpets

So this post has nothing to do with fashion. This one is about my journey that I’m about to take to Europe. First and foremost..the reason I’m going is for one of my best friends who is getting married in England.  She’s actually my ROOMIE (well not really, however she will always be ROOMIE in my phone..BFFAEAEAEAE). I couldn’t be more happy for her and excited for all the wedding celebrations! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were planning this trip so I can’t believe it’s FINALLY here.

Since we are traveling across the pond already, my friends and I decided to make a few pit stops on the way to the wedding..Venice, Paris, and London.  See you soon Europe!








Because I Said It Was An Obsession

Since I just said jumpsuits were an obsession of mine, I thought it was appropriate to post this jumpsuit I just got from Express.  I’m going to Europe and plan on wearing this jumpsuit with my white high-top chucks.  However, for a night out I think it looks pretty fabulous with my red and orange heels.